What is Antioch

We believe in Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of Biblical Christianity with the apostles and prophets laying the foundation of the Church (Ephesians 2:20). What the apostles preached and practiced, as directed by Jesus Christ, was evidenced in the church at Antioch. Antioch Church is a church that is:


They were first called Christians at Antioch. They were no longer identified as Jew or Greek, but simply as Christians. The truth of the gospel brings together all individuals from any nation, tribe, or tongue. We endeavor to reach into every community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Acts 11:20)


Once conversion happens in the life of a believer, the need then arise to be discipled. Barnabas and Paul taught the believers at Antioch but also modeled the process of discipleship within their relationship with one another. Barnabas saw the need to develop leaders and elders who could teach the truth to others. He brought Paul into Antioch to help with teaching the believers. When we become grounded in the Word of God, there is a life transformation that takes place in the heart and actions of the believer, all for the Glory of God. (Acts 11:25-26)


Through the moving of the Spirit in the congregation, the church at Antioch gave an offering to the fellow believers in Judaea in anticipation of a famine (Acts 11:28-19). An Apostolic Church is a giving church. Not just in our treasure, but also in time and talent. When God moved upon Barnabas and Saul to depart Antioch for a time on their first missionary journey, the church supported them and sent them out (Acts 13:1-4). It’s our mission to send out disciples of Jesus Christ throughout this region as witnesses of the life-changing power of the gospel. Some will start small groups, some will host these groups, some will become pastor’s of a congregation, and some may go overseas. We desire to give back to God whatever He desires, whether it’s our treasure, time, or talent.

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